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Stunningly Stupid
Washington Post sets new standard for incompetence
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Glenn Spencer, American Border Patrol -- April 21  
    Yesterday the Washington Post published an editorial entitled "Measure U.S. border security by progress." It contains the following:
    "According to the General Accounting Office, about 87 percent of 193,000 illegal border crossers in the Tucson sector were either caught or turned back by Border Patrol agents in 2011, the most recent year for which figures are available. The Laredo sector isn't far behind." (The GAO hasn't been called the General Accounting Office since 2004.)
    The GAO reported an apprehension for the Tucson Sector of 61% - not 87% --- and we even questioned that number.
    The Post goes on to say that recent data suggests the rate of apprehension for a part of Arizona was less than 50%. That happened to be in the Tucson Sector.
    In one breath the Post went from 87% down to less than 50%.
   The Post goes on to say:
    "Securing the border is a legitimate national interest, but there is no perfect way to measure what constitutes "secure.'"
    What if they said this?
    "A non-profit group in Arizona, American Border Patrol, has tested a system that it claims will count everyone who crosses the border between ports of entry. If they are right, this could be a useful tool for establishing an objective measure of border security and we encourage DHS to look into this technology."
    Not on your life.
    Not only does the Post editorial exhibit a new standard for incompetence, it deliberately avoids telling its readers about a possible solution to the problem.

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