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The Education of Mike Lee
Utah Senator needs a quick primer
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Glenn Spencer -- American Border Patrol -- April 24  
    In a hearing on the Gang of Eight immigration bill, DHS Secretary Napolitano told Utah Senator Mike Lee that some sort of fencing is up on 652 miles of the southern border.
    According to the Tribune story, "In an interview after the hearing, Lee said he didn't have the technical expertise to question the secretary's analysis of border fencing, but added he's worried that the legislation sets a low bar."
Red DotQuick Primer of Sen. Lee
    Please contact one of Sen. Lee's offices and ask them to do the following:
    Red Dot1. Look at what Sec. Napolitano is calling a fence:
    American Border Patrol's map of the border fence. (Pay particular attention to the fence south of Tucson.)
    Red Dot2. Watch April 13 Fox News Report on Secure Border Intel.
    Red Dot3. Watch the Secure Border Intel report on actual Border Patrol action last Monday!
    Red Dot4. See how many people stepped across Sec. Napolitano's "fence" last year.
Red Dot5. Check out American Border Patrol's solution.

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