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Blackout of American Border Patrol Working
Flying blind into the storm of immigration reform
American Patrol Report -- April 26   
    The years-long blackout effort by the left to keep the American people from knowing about the work of American Border Patrol is paying off.
    While the debate over the Gang of Eight's immigration bill continues, few, if any in Congress are aware that a comprehensive map exists showing where the border fence is --- and isn't.
    The map clearly shows hardly any fence at all along the border with the greatest illegal cross-border traffic. Had he seen this map, Utah Sen. Mike Lee might have challenged Sec. Napolitano.
    Congress is also totally unaware that for nearly four years ABP has been working to define border security. And that is has come up with a way to measure it.
    Even if Congress became aware of ABP's work, the SPLC has so successfully smeared Glenn Spencer that most would be frightened away from calling him as a witness.
    So, Congress will be flying blind into the storm of immigration reform.
    Saul Alinsky may be having more to do with the future of our nation than anyone realizes

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