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President Cruz?
Does the Texas Senator truly represent America?
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Daily Beast -- May 2  
Ted Cruz, the Anti-Rubio Who Is Determined to Stop Immigration Reform
The Texas freshman has become the face of the GOP opposition to immigration reform --- and that could boost the senator's prospects in 2016, reports David Catanese.
    "The issue is not, as the media would suggest, 100 percent about immigration," the Texas senator told the banquet of conservatives, deriding the press corps' "obsessive" focus on that issue.
    "I think Republicans need to remain a party that supports securing the border and stopping illegal immigration, and at the same time welcomes and celebrates, champions legal immigration," he continued, to thunderclaps from the favorable audience. "It ain't the answer just to suddenly talk about immigration and forget everything else. I'm going to suggest instead a different path."
    Just as the immigration debate is heating up --- and Cruz's own potential presidential aspirations are coming into sharp focus --- the 42-year-old Cuban-American is now looking to make good on his word.
    No Republican senator has been a more audacious opponent of the bipartisan approach to immigration than Cruz. And being a freshman who has been a part of the seniority-driven chamber for less than four months makes the play even bolder.

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