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Star Wars or Reality?
Vader Radar is science fiction
Glenn Spencer – American Border Patrol -- May 3   
Darth McCain
    On Tuesday (May 1) Hugh Hewitt interviewed Sen. John McCain on his radio show that included a long discussion about border security. McCain touted the new Vader Radar that was designed to detect people planting IUDs. It was recently used to track people in the desert north of the Mexican border but found that the US Border Patrol had apprehended fewer than half of those detected by the radar.
    According to the L.A. Times report, the radar was used for 108 days and detected a total of 3,836 people, or about 36 people per day, but the Border Patrol only apprehended 1,874 of the total. How in the hell did they know that? The radar certainly doesn't do facial recognition.
    In the Tucson Sector between Nogales and Yuma, we estimate about 1,000 people a day cross the border. If the radar had worked perfectly, it would have detected 108,000 people – not 3,836. (The Times story said that GAO estimated that the Border Patrol had caught 64% of border crossers. Wrong.)
    McCain claims that the new radar could detect people in the desert so we can send agents out to apprehend them. Does he have any idea what full 24/7 coverage of the southwest desert by drone radar would cost? Even if the drones detected everyone in the roughly 8,000 square miles of desert, would we have enough agents to chase them down?
    Many years ago I was an expert in the development of computer simulation models.
    Few people will understand what I am talking about, but a properly developed Monte Carlo computer model that would simulate hundreds of years of BP operations in minutes and would show the most cost-effective solutions to securing the border. DHS has built some models, but I’m not so sure they are of the right kind.
    But I don't need a computer model to bet that the Sonic Barrier could do the job of detecting border crossers at a tiny, tiny fraction of the Vader drones.

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