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Are All Mexicans Bad People?
BP Chief bamboozles Congress --- again
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Senate Hearing -- May 7  
Testimony of Michael Fisher -- Border Patrol Chief
    "When there are no more bad people looking to come into this country illegally between the ports of entry," Fisher told the Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee. "That's the only time that I would feel comfortable [enough] to come before this committee and others and suggest that the border is definitively secured. It is not an easy process."
    I don't offer it in the easy context of an effectiveness ratio that somehow there is a scientific method that I can assure the chairman of this committee or the American people that any given time we will be able on four thousand miles of northern border, and two thousand miles of southern border that we can say with 100 percent certainty the number of people that enter and how many of that number we apprehend. The terrain does not allow it. The vastness within our borders does not allow us.
    However, it doesn't mean we can't accomplish that.
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Red DotAmerican Patrol Report Comment
    Fisher suggests that the Obama administration is only interested in stopping "bad people" from crossing the border. Since Congress has said he must prevent "all" illegal entries, does this mean he thinks all Mexicans are bad people --- or does he think we should let anyone in the country who is not a bad person? How does he propose that we decide who is bad and who is good?
    And, he says that we can't measure performance with "100%" certainty. What about 95%? He makes perfect the enemy of the good.
    Once again, the Senate in being bamboozled. The question is --- do they know it?

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