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Smart Border Security at Hand?
ABP invites Schumer to see it
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"For what we gave Boeing for that SBI disaster," says [King], “you could run this along the entire U.S.-Mexico border. And the Canada border. And you could take the rest of the money and retire. I don't know why they're not banging our doors down." (Slate)
Washington Times -- May 9  
Senators kill amendments tied to bill on immigration; border security issue put on back burner
"I very much want to see the border shut down. I dislike illegal immigration," said Sen. Charles E. Schumer, New York Democrat and one of those who led opposition. "But let's do it in a smart way. Let's do it in a way that's cost-effective. Let's do it in a way that doesn't blow a hole in our budget. And let the experts decide."
Red DotSlate Magazine -- May 6
The Fence Junkies
Right-wing defenders of America's southern border aren't giving an inch. And their high-tech gadgets are part of almost everyone's solution.
They (ABP) estimate that the Identiseis project, the burying-sensors-in-the-ground plan, would cost $100,000 per mile. Sensors could be buried up to 6-feet deep, run on solar power --- a massive green jobs initiative that tracks the footsteps of people trying to walk from Mexico into Texas or Arizona. The total price tag --- maybe $200,000,000 to secure the entire border --- sounds ludicrous, and apart from the defense contractor that Spencer can't name ("one of the big five"), no one could verify it, but it's roughly 5 percent of the cost of the border fence, and less than Boeing was going to ask for its own scheme --- known as the Secure Border Initiative --- had it actually worked before a disappointed Department of Homeland Security scrapped it in 2011.
ABP to demonstrate system
    American Border Patrol will demonstrate the IDENTSEIS system, including a new drone, on May 26 at its border ranch --- by invitation only (Schumer is invited).

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