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Would Gang of Eight Bill Sink L.A.? Yes
Would we have to bail 'em out? Yes
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Los Angeles Times -- May 12  
L.A. County officials worried about costs of immigration overhaul
With an estimated 1.1 million people in L.A. County illegally, officials fear that the county will get stuck with many costs for those who apply for citizenship.
    Few regions will absorb the impact of future immigration reforms more than Los Angeles County, home to an estimated 1.1 million people in the country illegally, one-tenth of the nation's total.
    As the Senate Judiciary Committee began debating the bipartisan immigration bill last week, county officials voiced concerns that local taxpayers will be "left holding the bag" to pay for the brunt of healthcare and other services for multitudes of immigrants who apply for citizenship.
    Local and state officials believe the overhaul bill will encourage those in the country illegally to come out of the shadows and turn to local services during the proposed 13-year-long pathway to citizenship.
    "The one thing that's really clear as day is that the federal government is going to be protecting itself against costs, and we're going to be left holding the bag," said Mark Tajima
*, an analyst with the county's chief administrative office. [...]
    Although the county provides emergency care to all, regardless of legal status, county officials say the legislation could significantly increase its costs for non-emergency care. They point to an estimate that up to 446,000 of such immigrants in the county have no health insurance.
    Los Angeles County spends roughly $600 million a year on healthcare for immigrants in the country illegally, officials said.
* In 1992 Mark Tajima gave Glenn Spencer the data he used to say L.A. was importing poverty.

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