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Fighting what works -- Supporting what doesn't
Glenn Spencer -- American Border Patrol -- May 13   
   Dan Mills of the Sierra Club has now spoken out against the construction of new fencing along the U.S. – Mexico Border (Arizona Daily Star -- May 13)    Mills says, "The walls don't stop people from crossing." When properly constructed, border fencing cuts apprehensions of illegal aliens by more than 95%. This was true in San Diego, Yuma, and El Paso. Mills says the fence will cost taxpayers billions of dollars to build and maintain. Five years ago, a good 5-mile, 18-ft steel-beam border fence was built at my ranch and they haven't spent a dime maintaining it that I have seen.
And what about he environmental impact of hundreds of thousands of people being chased across the desert by the Border Patrol? Fencing would put a halt to this nonsense, but the Sierra Club, having sold out to open borders people, cares not a whit about the environment.
    Writing in the Boston Globe, columnist Jeff Jacoby argues that we already have secure borders: "America's border is now being patrolled with radar stations, surveillance cameras, nearly 700 miles of steel fencing, and even Predator drones."
    There are 355 miles of border "fencing" --- much of which is next to useless. Border radar systems have proven to be a failure, and the Predator has yet to prove its effectiveness. Leftists are using phony arguments to fight what works on the border and support what has proven to be a failure. The question is: With all their money, will they be able to bamboozle Congress into believing them?

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