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How little we know about the border
Even the CFR is surprised at the lack of effort
Washington Times -- May 14   
Independent study raises the bar for border security, immigration reform
"The Sonic Barrier picks up people's footsteps along the border and then sends an alert into the system. It's their answer to the so-called Virtual Fence that the feds just pulled the plug on."
    The yardstick used in the immigration bill to determine border control may produce too rosy a picture of how well the Border Patrol is doing in cracking down on illegal crossings, according to an independent study released Monday that threatens to upend the immigration debate.
    In their 76-page report, three researchers at the Council on Foreign Relations also said the drop in illegal immigration is only partly a result of tougher border security and about two-thirds because of economic changes in Mexico and the U.S. that have made it less attractive for Mexicans to migrate north.
    At a time when the success or failure of the immigration bill depends on the security level of the border, the authors said it's surprising how little is known about border security and how little effort the administration and Congress have made to try to get it under control.
    "The Border Patrol doesn't know what it doesn't know, which is some people are going to come across the border, get across the border unseen," said Edward Alden, a senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations and one of the report's authors.
Red DotAmerican Patrol Report
No Surprise Here
    Four years ago, American Border Patrol launched Operation Hidden in Plain Sight.
    The rationale for this project is laid out in detail in this report.
    The goal was to develop the means to count everyone who crosses the border between ports of entry.
    Two years later, ABP tested the means to do just that --- and it worked.
    If a small group of people could lay out the rationale for assessing border security and then, with a few thousand dollars, develop the means to do it, why couldn't our government do it with its billions? Because it didn't want the truth to be told --- and it still doesn't.

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