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Left Challenges Gang of Eight Border Plan
Appear to agree with American Border Patrol's ideas
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American Patrol Report -- May 15  
     The CFR is well known for its advocacy of a North American Union --- the merging of Mexico, Canada and the U.S. into one economic, and eventually, one political unit.
    So when it published a report on the border we were stunned: It told the truth. The CFR takes on the Gang of Eight immigration bill for its lack of clarity in defining what border security is. "You need a decent measurement system for people coming in illegally," Edward Allen, one of the report authors told ABC News, "It's essential for reassuring people that progress is being made on this."
    Shiu-Ming Cheer, an immigration attorney with the National Immigration Law Center, a group that advocates for immigrant rights. "For people who are concerned about the trigger, they don't know if the process for people to become legal permanent residents is going to be held up."
    Cheer believes that the federal government will need to define what it means by "substantially operational," either before or after the bill is passed. Otherwise, the term is subjective, and open to manipulation.
    When interviewed by Slate Magazine about American Border Patrol's foolproof border security system, Glenn Spencer said:
    "If the people who wanted legalization were thinking straight," says Spencer, “they'd drive up to American Border Patrol and they'd bring out signs and start chanting. 'We want this! We need this!
    Could it be that Spencer was right about the need for proof that the border is secure? Could it be that even the CFR and the National Immigration Law Center agree with him?
    What a concept!

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