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Border Count Deception
Government Corruption creeps into GAO?
Glenn Spencer, American Border Patrol -- May 18   
    A recent report by the Government Accountability Office includes data on border enforcement for the Tucson Sector that suggests that 87 percent of border crossers are either apprehended or turned back to Mexico. (See KSAT Report)
    This is completely misleading. First, the GAO accepted the estimate of total border crossers provided by the Border Patrol. This estimate is based on "Indications of illegal crossings are obtained through various sources such as direct agent observation, referrals from credible sources (such as residents), camera monitoring, and detection of physical evidence left on the environment from animal or human crossings." (Page 60). records CBP radio transmissions that reveal that these "direct agent observations" come from agents who count footprints. It is called "cutting for sign." If you listen to these reports you will quickly learn that there is no way that the Border Patrol can come anywhere close to the number of people they detect. Its is a fantasy.
    Second, the total number of border crossers does not include those not detected. Yet, GOA accepted and published the BP data as if it were gospel. This would not have happened if Richard Stana hadn't retired.
   Third, authoritative studies have established that DHS does not know how many people cross the border illegally between ports of entry, and that such estimates are needed.
    Finally, smugglers who go back to Mexico for another load of dope as are knowingly counted by DHS as "turnbacks."

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