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The Obama Criminal Machine
"If you ain't mad -- you ain't payin' attention"
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Southeast Missourian -- Cape Girardeau -- May 20  
Shocking True Story of Catherine Engelbrecht vs. The Obama Government
    Most Americans are now familiar with the news that the IRS has been targeting conservative groups and individuals based solely on their political beliefs. In Cuba or North Korea the government would imprison you. In the United States, we now have a progressive liberal establishment using the power of government agencies to harass, intimidate, and silence those who speak out against the policies of President Obama.
    In a recent national television interview, Catherine Engelbrecht, of Houston, Texas, shared her individual story. She came forward because, as she said, "citizens should not fear their government."
    Catherine is just an average citizen who was inspired to get involved in the political process. She founded "King Street Patriots" and "True the Vote"...
    As she said in her interview, "The best way I can protect my family is to come forward and bring my story to the American people. I submit there are thousands more with stories just like mine to tell and I hope they will tell them. We're at an important time in the life of our country and we need to get the truth."
    "If in fact the federal government is making a coordinated effort to single out individual citizens, then that is a problem that transcends politics and speaks right to the heart of what we are as a representative Republic."

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