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Another Illegal Alien-Caused Conflagration
Border habitats lost to corrupt government inaction
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Sandy Dechert -- The Examiner -- May 23   
Fire near AZ-Mexico border torches 10,000+ acres
    The Soldier Basin wildfire continues to burn strong along the ridges of the Coronado National Forest in southern Arizona's rural Santa Cruz County, near the border with Mexico. The fire is five miles east of the Nogales, Arizona, airport, which serves a community of about 21,000. [...]
    The blaze started on Friday, May 17, just before midnight. Investigators are still working, but they believe it's likely that human activity started this fire.
Red DotGlenn Spencer -- American Border Patrol
    The Soldier Basin wildfire was mot likely started by illegal aliens -- and almost certainly by cross-border traffic activity.
    Two years ago the Monument Fire near my home almost destroyed the Coronado National Forest. Despite overwhelming evidence that the fire was started in Mexico by smugglers, the Forest Service claimed it started in the U.S.
    Devastating fires are just another cost of the failure of government to stop illegal dross-border traffic. And, despite the fact that huge areas of habitat are being lost, the Sierra Club has joined with our corrupt government to oppose efforts to secure the border.

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