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Hannity Hosts Rubio
Fox News invited to see a solution
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Powerline Blog -- May 25   
Rubio's embarrasing appearance on Fox -- Part 2
   ...Hannity asked a central question that has become even more pressing in view of recent Obama administration scandals, particularly the one involving the IRS. That question, in essence, is: given that current immigration law isn't being enforced, and given what we know generally about how government operates, how can we have any real confidence that the border security provisions of Schumer-Rubio will be carried out effectively?
    Rubio did not respond by arguing that his bill will ensure border security. Instead he responded by saying, more than once, that if it we can't write a law that ensures border security, it won't pass --- and shouldn't.
    There are obvious problems with this shocking answer. First, it isn't necessarily true. Second, it's an admission that Rubio is advancing a bill he can't say will be effective, and thus an admission that he has abdicated his responsibility as a legislator.
    ...Rubio continues to dominate the Fox airwaves, thereby crowding out strong expressions of anti-amnesty sentiment.
Red DotGlenn Spencer -- American Border Patrol
    People often express surprise when they learn that CNN has flown with me along the border, but that Fox News hasn't.
    Then they learn that the left-leaning online magazine, Slate, visited our ranch, but Fox News hasn't.
    Fox News is invited to come down and see a solution --- not just a complaint.

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