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Border Patrol Stonewalling?
Napolitano should release station data
Byron York -- Amarillo Globe -- May 27   
Immigration a numbers game
    Security along the U.S. border with Mexico is perhaps the key factor in the debate over comprehensive immigration reform. Those who believe the border is mostly secure already are more inclined to support the plan of the bipartisan Gang of Eight in the Senate --- legalization first, followed by enhanced security.
    Those who believe the border is still far from secure are more likely to oppose the Gang of Eight's approach, insisting that heightened security measures be in place before the nation's estimated 11 million illegal immigrants are legalized.
    Now, a new report from the Council on Foreign Relations could have a significant effect on the conversation --- and cast real doubt on whether the government's border security statistics are reliable. If the report is correct, more illegal immigrants are making it past U.S. authorities than officials say. And just as important, the report suggests it is nearly impossible to have an informed debate about border security because the government does not reveal the most basic information.
Red DotGlenn Spencer -- American Border Patrol
    The National Academy of Sciences reported that DHS would not release detailed apprehension data because it would be made public.
    Apprehension data are given by Border Patrol Sector – not by individual station. Much of the Yuma Sector is has been fenced and we can see the impact on apprehensions.
    Much of the eastern part of the Tucson Sector is fenced, but the western part is mostly open.
    Individual station data showed that fencing in San Diego worked --- and Janet Napolitano should release individual station date for the Tucson Sector --- at least.

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