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An Intelligence Report on the Border
NAFBO tells the frightening truth
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American Patrol Report -- May 29  
    The National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers has produced a video that documents conditions on the U.S. -- Mexico border. Zack Taylor, a well-educated and experienced retired U.S Border Patrol Agent, narrates the 23-minute video.
    The video presents irrefutable evidence of the danger of the border region and the gross negligence of our government. "I can think of no more reliable source for this kind of information than former Border Patrol Officers," said Glenn Spencer of American Border Patrol. "Everything I saw on this video agrees totally with my experience in studying the border problem in Arizona for the past ten years, but its even worse than I thought," he added.
    For example, the video gives details of how illegal aliens started major fires, and how our government worked to cover up the issue. One of the fires covered is the Monument Fire in Cochise County (see this report).
    NAFBO reports that the State Department would not allow the Forest Service to tell the truth about how this devastating fire was started.
    Please take the time to watch this video and remember that the entire nation is a stake.

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