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HBO Bombshell?
Big border story set for this fall
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Members of the HBO film crew prepare to fly the border with Glenn Spencer
American Patrol Report -- May 31  
    An HBO crew of six people have spent the past week and a half filming in southern Arizona. They are working to tell the story about the border in a new and refreshing way – they are going to tell the truth. From all indications, American Border Patrol and Glenn Spencer will play an important part in the story.
    Last Sunday, the film crew witnessed a demonstration of the Sonic Barrier system being tested at the ABP ranch. Filming included the detection of an ulrtralight aircraft as it flew over the high-tech border sensor system. This was followed by a demonstration of how the system detects people.
    A group of four people set off a Sonic Barrier alarm when they got within 600 feet of the sensor line. As the alarm went off, a small drone was launched to fly to the point of intrusion, sending back video of the "suspects."
    Following the Sonic Barrier demonstration, HBO attended a BBQ at ABP's ranch that included interviews with prominent ranchers who have had problems with illegal border crossers.
    Yesterday, Glenn took three members of the HBO crew on a border flight. While flying along the "Amnesty Trail," they spotted Border Patrol agents hunting for illegal aliens in a wash - miles from the border. They also witnessed a mobile BP video truck watching action at a smuggler's hangout just south of the border.
    "These people are serious about telling the real border story," Spencer said, "I just wish it would air sooner." The HBO program isn't expected to air until sometime in October at the earliest.

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