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McElroy Slanders ABP's German Shepherds
One attack too many
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McElroy (2005) slanders ABP's loving German Shepherds
American Patrol Report -- June 1  
    As part of its work to document the situation on the Mexican border in Arizona, HBO taped a discussion between Glenn Spencer and Lee McElroy, an activist with Humanitarian Border Solutions.
    Spencer said the original "beer summit" was to take place in front of the ABP border banner and was to include rancher Jim Chilton and retired Border Patrol agent Terry Kirkpatrick. Spencer said he agreed to the "summit" on the condition that the participants were not "bomb throwing radicals." At the last minute, the "summit" was reduced to just Spencer and McElroy.
    HBO showed up with McElroy a little after five with a case of beer and a bottle of wine. Spencer and McElroy sat on ABP's stage and began to talk about the border problem.
    All was going pretty well, Spencer said, when McElroy suddenly said that Spencer releases his German Shepherds every morning to go to the San Pedro River and harass illegal aliens. Spencer said he was stunned and demanded where McElroy got that information. She said I told her that in an interview three (?) years ago with a French journalist. Spencer insisted he never said such a thing and that his German Shepherds had been to the San Pedro River, a mile from his home, only a couple of times --- and that was with him, seven years ago.
    McElroy continued to insist that Spencer said he released his dogs on aliens every day.
    "This was such an outrageous and crazy accusation that I decided to end the interview right there," he said. Spencer said he got up and left, getting on his ATV. He said the HBO people asked him to stay but he refused. "I wasn't going lend any credibility to this crazy lady," he said. "These people have lied about me for twenty years, and I would not sit there and listen to this nut case slandering my wonderful, loving shepherds --- and me," he added.

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