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The Wizard of Oz?
Can we all go back to Kansas now?
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Charles Krauthammer -- Daily Caller-- May 30  
 Obama a 'fraud,' 'Wizard of Oz' --- what he preaches doesn't work'   
    "He came in as this sort of messianic guy who was going to reform everything. And his acolytes are so deeply invested in this theology of Obama that they can't let it go even though, every day, the empirical evidence is that this guy is a fraud; he's a Wizard of Oz; what he preaches doesn't work, and it has very little effect. There may be a turn, I think: By the end of his second term, he will be debunked. But it's taken a hell of a long time."
Red DotLos Angeles Times -- June 1
Rubio wants stronger border security in immigration reform bill
    Republican Sen. Marco Rubio, a key author of the bipartisan Senate immigration overhaul, is working on a proposal that would give Congress, not the Obama administration, the authority to devise a plan to bolster border security.
    The Florida senator has long insisted that the bill's border security provisions are not strong enough to win significant Republican support. He plans to introduce his proposal as the legislation moves to the Senate floor late this week or next. [...]
    "The problem is people do not trust this administration and the federal government in general to do the law," Rubio said during a recent interview on Fox News. "Maybe the solution is to actually have Congress write that plan for them."

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