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ABP Tests Border Drone
"IDENTICOPTER" will work with the Sonic Barrier
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IDENTICOPTER heads for "border intruder"
American Patrol Report -- June 3  
     American Border Patrol, the Arizona non-profit, has successfully tested a new drone that will work in conjunction with the Sonic Barrier – a system that detects border crossers. According to Glenn Spencer, head of ABP, the new drone, also known as IDENTICOPTER, is launched when the Sonic Barrier system detects a border intrusion. In its final design configuration, IDENTICOPTER will get the GPS location of the intrusion from the Sonic Barrier, launch automatically, and fly to the point of intrusion --- sending back video of the source of the alarm. IDENTICOPTER will then return to its base for a battery replacement.
    According to Spencer, IDENTICOPTER is a perfect match of the latest in small-unmanned aerial vehicles (SUAVs) and the Sonic Barrier system. "These SUAVs have an endurance of about 25 minutes at most, and this limits their use for aerial surveillance," Spencer said. "Married to the Sonic Barrier, however, the IDENTICOPTER knows exactly where to look and it only has to fly about 2.5 miles to get there - at most," he added.
    In a test on Sunday, a prototype of the IDENTICOPTER was launched from ABP's border test facility. It launched vertically, flew to a point on its Sonic Barrier test range and videotaped a person standing next to a test range marker. It then returned to the test shop, landing in a perfect fashion. (See video)
    "We envision four of these IDENTICOPTERS placed every five miles along the sensor system" Spencer said, "They would launch automatically and fly to the point of intrusion and send video of what caused an alarm, return to base and land, ready for the next action." He said the system can provide metrics of border security at a small fraction of the cost of DHS systems.

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