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Flags Along the Border -- 2013
Continuing a Tradition
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American Patrol Report -- June 4  
    Beginning in 2006, American citizens mailed small flags to American Border Patrol. Each has a small tag attached with a personal message. The idea was to attach the flags and the messages to the border fence – thus sending a message that Americans wanted the border to be secured.
    In 2006, ABP attached 2,000 flags and messages to the barbed wire fence along the border at its Arizona ranch. The tradition continued, and last year 10,000 flags were placed on the border – but this time on a large billboard that was erected for the purpose.
    Flags are already arriving for 2013. On June 29, American will gather at the ranch to place those flags along with 20,000 (10,000 in 2011) that are already there.
    There will be a demonstration of the Sonic Barrier, including an overflight of an ultralight. The new IDENTICOPTER will locate and send video of "border intruders."
    Those interested in helping place the flags on the border should call Melissa Jaramillo at 1-800-600-8642 and make a reservation (limited to 250).
    Click here to see the flyer.

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