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Impeachment Insurance
America's first dictator?
American Patrol Report -- June 6   
In contempt of America
    Appearing on Fox News with Neil Cavuto, former Florida Rep. Allen West described Obama's appointment of Susan Rice as national security adviser as "a flip of a certain finger in the face of the American People."
    On his May 21 radio show, Rush Limbaugh said:
    The country will not sit for the removal of the first black president. It isn't gonna happen. It just isn't gonna happen. If you've got hopes and dreams of impeachment and a conviction and sayonara, that's not gonna happen.
    The Republicans aren't even gonna go near that.
    They wouldn't get close to going there.

    Rush is right – but it won't be the country that will not sit for the removal of the first black president –it will be people who voted for him overwhelmingly –Blacks and Hispanics. If the House of Representatives moved toward impeachment, our cities would erupt in violence that would make the Rodney King Riot look like a walk in the park. No one knows this better than Barack Obama.
    The President of the United States has impeachment insurance. Will he exploit this situation? You bet.
    Americans are about to see what it is like to have a president who can do just about anything without fear of Congress. What laws will he chose to enforce? What Americans will he chose to attack? Will he open the borders further?
    Do we have the first American dictator?

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