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Making Congress Feel the Heat
Patriots take a stand in the hot desert
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Photo by Glenn Spencer of American Border Patrol (see additional photos)
KPHO-TV -- Phoenix -- May 7  
Anti-amnesty protestors camp out in desert
  Gila Bend, Arizona -- The debate over immigration heated up in the Arizona desert Friday.
    A group of protestors ignored all the high heat warnings to set up camp in the middle of nowhere to send a message to lawmakers in Washington.
    The campsite was located near milepost 124 off Interstate 8, near Gila Bend. [...]
    The protestors wanted to take a stand in the debate over immigration, and decided the best way to do it was to spend three straight days in the Arizona desert, organizers said.
    They said that they picked this remote location to hold their protest because the area is a popular spot for human and drug smuggling.
A nearby sign says, "Travel caution: Smuggling and illegal immigration may be encountered in this area."
    "This is our form of communication," said protestor Rusty Childress. "We're out here in the heat, with American flags, no amnesty banners and we're talking to people coming by. Any way we can find our way of getting 2 cents on this issue, we'll do it. We just want to be listened to."
    The protest will continue around the clock until Sunday.

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