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Immigration on the Senate Front Burner
Border security - an onerous idea?
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Washington Post Post -- June 9  
Intense debate in Senate over immigration bill
    As the full Senate engages in intensive deliberations over a landmark immigration bill this week, proponents are scrambling to maintain crucial bipartisan support in the face of Republican demands to strengthen border security.
    GOP critics in both chambers of Congress have denounced the comprehensive Senate proposal for failing to secure the U.S. border with Mexico before allowing up to 11 million undocumented immigrants to gain legal status. They have vowed to push an array of amendments aimed at forcing the government to implement stricter border controls.
    But Democrats, along with some Republican allies, fear that many of the proposals are too onerous and are aimed primarily at delaying --- or ultimately preventing --- illegal immigrants from gaining a green card or citizenship.
    President Obama said in his weekly radio address Saturday that opponents will "try to stoke fear and create division. They'll try to play politics with an issue that the vast majority of Americans want addressed. And if they succeed, we will lose this chance to finally fix an immigration system that is badly broken."
Red DotHeritage Foundation -- June 7
Four Words to Watch in the Immigration Debate
Cost --- Border --- Amnesty --- Comprehensive

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