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Limbaugh Invited to Border Event
"Two if by Tea" to be served
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ABP prepares to add the word FIRST to the existing border sign that reads SAVE THE UNITED STATES – SECURE THE BORDER.
American Patrol Report -- June 11  
    Glenn Spencer, head of American Border Patrol --- a charitable organization in good standing with the IRS --- is inviting popular talk show host Rush Limbaugh to be the keynote speaker at the Flags Along the Border event set for June 29. "As the mayor of Realville, I can think of no better person than Rush Limbaugh to call attention to the fact that Americans want our government to get real about the border," Spencer said.
    Flags Along the Border marks the seventh year the non-profit organization has placed small American flags on the border to call attention to the need for better security.
According to Spencer, each flag is sent in by an individual supporter and includes a tag with a personal message about the border. For each of the past two years more than 10,000 flags were received and placed on the border.
Spencer says ABP's 100+ acre border ranch is very secure with all approaches controlled --- and an 18 foot-high steel beam fence along the border itself. "Besides, all guests are screened, there is a Border Patrol camera tower looking down on us, and agents will be in sight at all times," Spencer added.
    In any event, Spencer said, American Border Patrol will serve Two If By Tea at the event's BBQ. Two if By Tea is a product of a company run by Limbaugh's wife, Kathryn.
    For more information on Flags Along the Border, click here.

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