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The Great NPR Blackout
Is the SPLC is still calling the shots?
Glenn Spencer, American Border Patrol -- June 12, 2013   
Ted Robbins interviews Glenn Spencer -- Aired Sept. 20, 2002
    Eleven years ago, Ted Robbins interviewed me for a broadcast on KUAT TV. This was the lead-in:
    "A new organization is forming in southern Arizona around the issue of immigration. It's not forming to help border crossers, though, as we recently reported the Samaritan patrol was doing. It's called the American Border Patrol and it's decidedly anti-immigration, especially from Mexico. It's been called a hate group, its leader a racist, its members vigilantes. Producer Ted Robbins visited the Sierra Vista area to see what the American Border Patrol and its leader, Glenn Spencer, say what they are all about."
    I complained to Robbins about the hate group nonsense. He contacted me and I asked him to demand that SPLC produce evidence that ABP is a hate group. He said he would get back to me, but didn't.
    Robbins is still reporting on the border --- including the issue of measuring border security, a topic I have focused on for four years.
    Yesterday NPR ran a story about how drones are doing on the border.
My group, American Border Patrol, led the way in the use of drones on the border --- and Robbins has to know that.
    The entire nation is now involved in a great debate over how to assess border security. ABP has tested a system that we believe could help solve that problem. I am sure Robbins knows this --- but he --- and NPR --- refuse to report on it.
    There is no question that Robbins and NPR are blacking out the important work of American Border Patrol – the question is, why? I can only conclude that the Southern Poverty Law Center is still telling them what stories --- and people --- should not be covered.

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