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Mexican Solidarity?
Limbaugh raises the FORBIDDEN issue – by accident
Rush Limbaugh -- June 13  
We've Been Played on Immigration
    Partial transcript of show: With the word Hispanic replaced with Mexican.
    I think there's another element to this. Nobody ever looks at this from the perspective of the Mexicans who are living here. But how about this take on it. You've got legalized Mexican immigrants to this country who are now citizens. Do you think that they're eager to have an influx of whatever numbers of millions it is that are going to be competing with them for work? We are being told part and parcel of this, we're being told -- and this is what the Republicans are buying -- is that there is a monolithic relationship, that there is a monolithic unified relationship of all Mexicans and that they are all desirous that every Mexican be granted a pathway to citizenship and an eventual citizenship. That there is a unified, monolithic view that they all hold that there is this Mexican solidarity that all Mexicans want every other Mexican in the country to be made legal simply because there is this loyalty one Mexican to the next.
    The Republicans are being told that, and Republicans are therefore believing that if something upsets that monolithic view, that if you make one Mexican mad because you, quote, unquote, mistreat another Mexican, then all Mexicans are gonna hate you. It would be the same thing as saying all women are gonna hate you if you don't do this, all men are gonna hate you if you don't do that, all homosexuals are gonna hate you if you don't do that. They're all gonna hate you. And the Republicans live in fear of being hated, and it's the Democrats telling them who's gonna hate them. And it's the Republicans believing what the Democrats are telling them about how to be loved. "You better not make the Mexicans mad."
    Yet, what if it isn't true? What if there isn't this Mexican solidarity that's monolithic?
    Red DotAmerican Patrol Report Comment: What if there is this Mexican solidarity, Rush? See Conquest of Aztlan.

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