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A TruthQuake in Hereford?
These people could set it off
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Glenn Spencer, American Border Patrol -- June 15  
    Today the Washington Post seems to glorify Edward Snowden, the NSA whistleblower.
    I'm a whistleblower too, but I've been at it a little longer than Snowden --- since 2002. Oftentimes the DHS listens, and then quietly does the right thing --- like when they decided to start using drones on the border after I showed how it could be done.
    They hate being embarrassed.
    It's time to embarrass them again. It's time to show that the border can be secured --- and inexpensively!
    On June 29 American Border Patrol will hold a Flags Along the Border event to place 10,000 more flags on a banner that will then read: SAVE THE UNITED STATES SECURE THE BORDER FIRST.

    This banner, made up of individual flags from America citizens, is a very impressive site. More impressive will be a demonstration of the Sonic Barrier system.
    The morning will start off with an ultralight aircraft flying north from the border. As it passes over, everyone will hear a loud warbling alarm from the Sonic Barrier system. Later a group of volunteers will walk north from the border. When they get within about 600 feet, the Sonic Barrier will sound another alarm --- this time a wailing sound. Right after that, a small drone will launch and send back video of the "intruders."
    The Sonic Barrier will prove it can count everyone who crosses the border --- the "metric" everyone is looking for --- but DHS can't seem to find.
    And there will be much more – including displays proving that the border is wide open.
I Need Leaders
If the media were to cover this event it would shake up DC --- I call it a TruthQuake.
   My work on the border was recently covered by Slate Magazine and, yesterday in Modern Times --- and there was no real discussion of hate --- only technology and facts about the border. I am legitimate.
    It is now time for leaders to come to the plate and hit a homerun. I need two or more of them to come to the border on June 29. If they do, they will cause that TruthQuake and it will be felt all the way to Washington, D.C. - and border security will be put first.
    I guarantee it.
Glenn Spencer -- glenn@americanpatrol.com
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