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Border Security for Dummies
Spencer lays out the facts
Jonathan Shacat -- Modern Times -- June 14   
Border Fence: Incomplete, Slightly Effective Patchwork
    The U.S. government has constructed hundreds of miles of fencing along the southern border, including all types of barriers and walls. [...]
    Along the U.S.-Mexico border, there are 355 miles of fencing, including eight miles of chain link, 200 miles of mesh/post, 72 miles of (old) mat, and 75 miles of steel beams. The total length of the U.S.-Mexico border is about 1,900 miles.
    "These estimates of fencing are based on aerial surveys basically completed in late 2009 and updated in 2011 for the area from El Paso to San Diego by aerial survey and El Paso to Brownsville using satellite images from Google," said Glenn Spencer, president of the non-governmental border watch group called American Border Patrol based in Hereford.
    The Secure Fence Act of 2006 called for 700 miles of double-layered fencing. However, the Department of Homeland Security built only 283 miles of fence. And, only 34 miles were double-layered, including 4.5 miles in Douglas, half a mile in Naco, 19 miles at Yuma, and 10 miles at San Diego, said Spencer. [...]
    More specifically, Spencer said, DHS should build a double-layered fence along that section of the border stretching from 30 miles west of Lukeville to four miles east of Sasabe. This 115-mile stretch of fence would block off the most intense area of illegal immigration and drug smuggling in the U.S. today. [...]
    "For those who don't like fences, IDENTISEIS, coupled with the use of small drones, would prove once and for all if a fence is really needed," he added.
Red DotNote: The Sonic Barrier link in yesterday's feature was not correct. This is the correct link to an early demonstration of the system.

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