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La Raza to Administer Gang of 8 Bill?
Have McCain, Flake, Graham and Rubio lost their minds?
Ginni Thomas -- Daily Caller -- June 9   
Six big problems with the immigration bill from someone who has actually read it
Betsy McCaughey
    Former New York lieutenant governor Betsy McCaughey bets "you can't find five members of Congress who have read" the Senate "Gang of Eight" immigration bill. [...]
    There are many interest groups involved in this bill – in fact many, many, many - except one. I didn't find anything for Joe Q Citizen in this bill. I didn't find anything for the average tax paying citizen in this bill. Somebody forgot to tell him about the meeting. So he --- or she --- is not represented in this bill. [...]
    This bill takes the critical job of guiding aliens through the amnesty process --- screening them for eligibility --- assembling their documents --- their family documents --- any waivers they may required --- it outsources all of those jobs from government to community organizations. And it will be funded by the federal government --- permanently.
    Now., this is section 2106. Why would this bill outsource a job so critical to the United States? Because when you outsource it, it eliminates public scrutiny, accountability and standards of non-partisanship. Community organizers can say things that government employees can't say.
    So it is clear that the goal here is not to simply guide them through the amnesty and then provisional immigration and then legal presence and then citizenship process, but really to make them Democratic voters at the same time.
Red DotAmerican Patrol Report Comment
    Thomas goes on to describe how groups such as the National Council of La Raza will run a new 501 c (3) organization called the U.S. Citizenship Foundation. Just listen to her describe this foundation and you will understand that the Gang of 8 have created a vehicle for the subversion of the United States as a sovereign nation. They have lost their minds!

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