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Border Solution at Flag Event
ABP will demonstrate the Sonic Barrier
American Patrol Report -- June 19   
IDENTICOPTER heads for "border intruders"
    The eighth annual Flags Along the Border set for June 29 will feature a graphic demonstration of a technology that could solve the border problem. Dubbed the Sonic Barrier by the non-profit, American Border Patrol, the system is designed to detect and count anyone and everyone who crosses the border between ports of entry.
    According to Glenn Spencer, head of ABP, during the flag event an ultralight aircraft will fly north from the Mexico border. As its crosses the Sonic Barrier sensor line, a siren will send out a warbling sound signifying the detection of aircraft. "Right now our government doesn't have the means to detect ultralights," Spencer said, "but the Sonic Barrier can do it – as everyone will see, and hear."
    Following the aircraft test, a group of volunteers will head for the sensor line starting at the Mexican border. When they get within 500 to 600 feet, the siren will make a wailing sound, signifying the detection of people, Spencer explained.
    Once the siren sounds, a small drone, the IDENTICOPTER, will be launched. It will fly to the point of human detection and send back video of the suspects. After that it will return to base and land, he said.
    "We have been testing this system for almost three years and it could help secure the border at a very low cost," Spencer said.
    ABP is taking reservations for the Flags Along the Border event. Click here for a flyer.

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