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Brainless Border Boondoggle
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20,000 new agents --- all dressed up and no place to go.
Glenn Spencer, American Border Patrol -- June 22  
    CNN is reporting that the new amendment designed to get the Gang of Eight immigration bill through the Senate would deploy $3.2 billion in border technology. The plan, approved by DHS Secretary Napolitano, would add 152 Integrated Fixed Towers, 440 movable towers, 299 mobile camera systems and 3567 ground sensors between ports of entry on the border with Mexico.
    The new plan would also add 20,000 U.S. Border Patrol agents (in 4 years), and 350 miles of new fencing.
    One hardly knows where to begin to describe how outrageously stupid this idea is.
    First, experience has shown that an effective fence can cut illegal border crossers by more than 90%. Instead of building a good fence that would stop them in the first place, taxpayers are being asked to pay billions of dollars so that we can spot people who already crossed the border, and then, hopefully, chase them down – destroying the desert environment in the process.
    Second, if we built 350 miles of new fence would we need all this stuff? Probably not.
    We should stop all this nonsense now, install 350 miles of fence together with the Sonic Barrier (total cost $1.5 billion) and come back in two years to see how we are doing.
    We are being asked to spend billions of dollars for stuff that probably won't work so that open borders advocates can get amnesty now. This is a brainless border boondoggle.

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