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The Final Insult
Open-borders Napolitano can veto border security measures
Washington Times -- June 22   
Border security proposal gives Napolitano new waivers
    Analysts looking through the new border security deal in the Senate say it includes waivers that would let Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano refuse to build any new fencing or install the new technology the plan lays out in close detail.
    The senators who struck the deal late this week said they were trying to take the decision-making away from the Obama administration and ensure that new fencing and technology would be deployed, but the latest version gives Ms. Napolitano or her successors the ability to waive or ignore those requirements.
    In the case of the fence, the legislation reads that "nothing in this subsection shall require the secretary to install fencing, or infrastructure that directly results from the installation of such fencing, in a particular location along the southern border, if the secretary determines that the use or placement of such resources is not the most appropriate means to achieve and maintain effective control over the southern border at such location."
    In the case of technology, the sponsors said they wanted to ensure the technology gets deployed. They listed exact technology they wanted in every one of the border's sectors, including ordering 685 ground sensors, 50 towers and 73 fixed cameras be deployed to Arizona's two sectors.
    However, the bill also gives Ms. Napolitano the power to change all of that "if the secretary determines that an alternate or new technology is at least as effective as the technologies described in paragraph (3) and provides a commensurate level of security."
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Exactly what they did in 2007.

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