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A Sick Senate -- and America?
Immigration vote reveals deep problems
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Glenn Spencer – -- June 25  
    Last night Laura Ingraham, standing in for Bill O'Reilly, said it like it is.
    The Republican senators who voted for the outrageous Corker amendment to the Gang of Eight immigration bill may have written their own obituaries, she said. She called it "totally shady and shameful," comparing the actions by the "moderate Republicans" as the equivalence of a "one night stand." "Once the Democrat leadership has had their way with you, they're not going to love you in the morning.":
    During the Senate floor debate Senator Coburn pointed out that Harry Reid did not have bill marked up by the Homeland Security Committee --- the people who know something about border security issues. This was done to avoid accountability and to fool the people. Most of the Republicans on that committee voted against the Corker amendment.
    I have been calling for a systematic approach to border security management for years, and I watched as the people who run the DHS cleverly avoided any real accountability.
    Now I see that the Senate has avoided any real accountability as well --- and it did so in plain sight for everyone to see --- if they want to see it.
    If the American people continue to support politicians who work openly to betray their fundamental interests, then the problem isn't just with the DHS or the Senate --- it is with us.

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