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A Rational Approach
Build an accounting system first
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American Patrol Report -- June 26  
    As a simple solution to the border problem the House should pass legislation to install the Sonic Barrier along the southern border as an accounting system --- not enforcement. The system wouldn't be a threat to anyone and would solve the metric problem. The entire thing could be done in six months, with the information flowing to a border commission. How could the Senate refuse? How could the President refuse to sign the bill?
    Banner at the American Border Patrol ranch in Arizona is almost ready for the thousands of flags that will fill in the word FIRST! The banner is about 90 feet north of the border in Cochise County. -- With a new five-mile border fence, a Border Patrol camera tower looking down on us, and agents usually in sight, ABP's ranch may be one of the safest places in America. -- You can help fill in the word FIRST! --- click here.
    Admission charge has been waived! Just make a reservation by calling Melissa Jaramillo --- (520) 803-7703. (No admission without a reservation.)

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