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Crazy Cruz -- He Thinks He Can Get Border Security First!
Let's all go a little "Cruzy!"
Sean Hannity -- Fox News -- October 4   
Sen. Cruz: Immigration bill 'not designed to fix the problem'
    HANNITY: All right. So, the 2006 bill we got the, 1986 we got the amnesty, we didn't get the security. The fence was supposed to be built since what, 2006.
    Let me read a section here from this bill because I think this is key that proves that border security is not insured in this bill. And it's page 35 line 24 and it says, "Nothing in the subsection shall require the secretary," meaning Janet Napolitano, "to install fencing in a particular location in the southern border. If the secretary determines that the use or placement of those resources is not the most appropriate means to achieve and maintain effective control over the southern border, doesn't have to do it." So what's the point? There is no security, am I wrong?
    CRUZ: You're exactly right. This bill has roughly 1,000 waivers written into it, hands it all over to Janet Napolitano and says, you know, use your discretion to decide what to waive. And it's designed to never to happen. You know, there's a sharp contrast between this bill and the amendment I introduced that would have put real teeth into border security and would have secured the border first. [...]
    CRUZ: -- there's only one way to get this stopped. Except us. And no nation on Earth has been as welcoming to immigrants as we have been. We are nation of immigrants. But we've got to also be a nation of rule of law.     The way we stop this though is for the American people to stand up. You know, on TedCruz.org we got a national petition over 100,000 people have signed up in the past week. Call your senators and that's how we can stop this from becoming law.

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