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Mexican military chopper lands on U.S. soil near Arivaca

April 23, 2005 (ABP) -- On the afternoon of Friday, April 22, a man went to the ranch of a local veterinarian near Arivaca, Arizona [satellite photo of general Arivaca area] with his ailing pet. The veterinarian wasn't there, but there was a fuel truck there making a delivery to the ranch. Before the man left, a Mexican military helicopter flew in and landed next to the fuel truck. Heavily armed military men jumped out of the helicopter and demanded that the fuel truck driver tell them what the payload in his truck was. The driver told the military men that it was none of their business, and further told them that they were in the United States. After a short standoff, the military men got back into the helicopter, which soon took off.

A citizen then contacted the Border Patrol station at Naco, Arizona about the incident. They said that they were already aware of it.

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