Courtesy Announcement
12/12/04 - Not an American Patrol Event

Minuteman Project Gets Its Own Air Corps!

Dear Americans,
I am pleased to inform you that The Minuteman Project Air Corps was created this week.

It is comprised of five Arizona volunteer pilots owning six single engine aircraft. 
The MMP Air Corps was the brainstorm of pilot Richard Humphries, who lives about 30 miles north of the Arizona - Mexico border.  Additional pilots and their aircraft are expected to join The Minuteman Project before D-Day 1 April 2005.  Our goal is to acquire 12 aircraft and pilots.
The aircraft will be used for aerial surveillance, in permissible airspace, in and around the Naco Line, an 18-mile long border with Mexico in the San Pedro Valley. 
In other good news, several property owners at the border area have offered their property for use by MMP volunteers, including the parking of RVs and the pitching of tents.
I will again be visiting the Tombstone area for 3 - 4 days in January to gather more information related to the Project.  Anyone who wants to join in this "intel" gathering sojourn is welcome rendezvous with me in Tombstone.
Thank you all for your support.

Jim Gilchrist - The Minuteman Project