How the failure of the Republican Party to confront the issue of immigration may threaten the survival of the United States of America.
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Required Viewing
"Your video, 'Immigration: Threatening the Bonds of Our Union,' is one that should be required viewing by all concerned Americans. You must be commended for producing what I consider to be one of the most accurate works of its kind - hard hitting, factual depiction of the ongoing threat facing this nation today. And, I might add, a threat brought to us by our own government through its consistent failure to address the problem of illegal immigration to this country.

Congratulations, you are a true American.---Bill King, March 13, 1999


Ken Hamblin

Demographic War
"It's not an easy documentary to watch, but watch it one must to fully grasp the pox liberal Democrats have wrought on the Southwest in their ceaseless effort to create a peasant victim class. The documentary uses actual local news clips from California and across the U.S. to illustrate the demographic war that is threatening the bond between California and the rest of America."

Ken Hamblin, syndicted talk show host,
The Denver Post, Sunday, March 21, 1999

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