KABC's Doug McIntyre interviews Chertoff spokeman Knocke


Doug Mcintyre, a talk show host on KABC Radio in Los Angeles, interviewed the spokesman for Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff live on the air this morning. McIntyre grilled spokesman Russ Knocke on just what Chertoff's grand plan to fix the border nightmare 'once and for all' consists of. Knocke basically dodged or danced around every substantive question McIntyre asked, claiming that 'they' (DHS) were taking a look at this, working on that, etc. etc.... the usual garbage that continually oozes out of the Bush administration.

The acceptance of the phony Mexican matricula ID card is dangerous, and sanctuary cities like L.A. pose major threats to national security, but Knocke claimed he wasn't aware that Bush puppet Chertoff's plan included doing anything about those things... or at least that's the way it came across. 'They' are 'looking at' workplace enforcement, but Knocke dodged lots of questions about why these unscrupulous employers are getting away with hiring illegals while avoiding arrest and heavy fines. The one thing Knocke is sure about is that the grand plan includes a 'guest worker program' [read: amnesty, something that George Bush is obsessed with but most of the public rejects].

Based on what Knocke sad on the air, it appears that Chertoff, as expected, is up to absolutely no good, as is George Bush. There isn't an American citizen who doesn't know that without border security there can be no homeland security, and the Bush administration appears to have no intention to secure the borders or remove any of the millions of foreign squatters presently occupying U. S. soil.... even after the events of September 11, 2001, the ongoing victimization of American citizens by illegal aliens, and the non- stop bellyaching and chest- thumping by the corrupt Mexican government over the issue of their invading hordes.

Hopefully we will have an audio clip of this interview available online within a few days.... please check back often.


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