Informing The People

Rick Oltman
Federation for American Immigration Reform


Cochise County, Arizona (9/8/2000) -- The work to inform the public about the invasion of illegal aliens through remote Cochise County continued this week as 4 x 8 foot black and white signs sprang up along county highways with ominous messages for passing motorists.

"Cochise Co: Doormat for Illegals and Mexican Drugs. Stop it Now!" one sign demands. Immigration officials have estimated there will be at least 250,000 pounds of drugs and 3 million illegal entries into our country through Cochise County this year.


In the border town of Naco, about four miles from the Port of Entry, another sign reads, "If This Were Scottsdale the National Guard Would Be Here." The implication being that if millions of illegal aliens were trampling through the neighborhoods of tony Scottsdale, that the authorities would take immediate and definite action to stop it. "If the elite were suffering from this (illegal immigration) problem we would definitely see some action," said Bob Park, a Prescott resident who painted the signs and then brought them to Cochise County in his pickup truck. Park, a former Border Patrol officer, recently formed a group called "The Border Defense Coalition" an Article 4 Section 4 organization that is a project of U.S. Inc. out of Petoskey, Michigan.

Assisted by local rancher Roger Barnett, Park erected ten signs on Thursday, all on private property with enthusiastic support from property owners. "I want twelve more signs right away," said one rancher who took time out from vaccinating her cattle to show Park and Barnett the most visible locations from the road. At the same time she was calling neighbors on her cell phone to get approval to place signs on their property. Nobody turned her down.

Other signs had messages that included, "Cocaine~From Mexico to Kids in Your Hometown USA." And "We're Being Invaded - Something Must Be Done Now," a quote from a local political candidate.

One sign cryptically proclaims, "It's An Invasion, Enforce Article IV-Section 4, It's the Law!" This message refers to the section of the U.S. Constitution that requires the federal government to protect the states from invasion. As one rancher succinctly put it, "Three million people a year is an invasion!"

Park says of the sign project, "This is an effort is to educate American citizens to the obligation of the federal government, under the constitution, to protect them from foreign invasion."

Park says he intends to deliver more signs to Cochise County in the near future with similar messages all designed to alert the citizens and demand action from elected officials.

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