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Received by VCT 1/16/01

Please find attached pictures of a vehicle a after a rock throwing incident in Douglas AZ. The blood is real, the pictures are real. This is the REAL world, not some santized version that some Mexican-loving news media puts out. These are the dirtbags that we deal with, day in, day out.

I dare you to put these pictures on your web site! Show the public what it really is like for us trying to keep the scumbags, oops friendly Mexicans out of this great nation.

Keep up the good work!

Red DotAlso see: Recent Rock Throwing Incidents (Updated June 6, 2003)
Red DotAnd.... Border Patrol Vehicle Hit by Rock Barrage from Mexico (March 11, 2001)

Window Destroyed
Projectile hit this window.

Bloody Paperwork
Bloody paperwork in Border Patrol vehicle.

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