California Coalition for Immigration Reform - November, 1999

After Governor Gray Davis stirred up a hornet's nest by unilaterally stopping Proposition 187's court progress, Speaker Antonio Villaraigosa, a ferocious opponent of the measure, went to Mexico and thanked President Ernesto Zedillo for his key role in defeating 187. He stated, "As leader of the State Assembly, I say President Zedillo had a great impact in defeating Prop. 187." Californians should know more about his background and legislating agenda.
Considered one of the most prominent Hispanic politicians in California with close ties to Mexico, Villaraigosa has been called "the future Los Angeles mayor" at social events, notably by Mexican actress Salma Hayek.

Under the federal Immigration And Nationality Act, residing unlawfully in the U.S. and harboring illegal aliens are crimes. Nevertheless, Villaraigosa is their eminent defender, demanding that California's tax largesse and federal amnesty for them. It's ironic that Assembly democrats, who voted unanimously for him as Speaker, may soon be the replacement targets of Hispanic activists with whom he collaborates who are grooming their own candidates at The Latino Academy in Texas.

What is the basis for such claims? Start with some organizations Villaraigosa brags about having chaired besides being president of the Southern California ACLU. At UCLA he chaired MEChA (Movmiento Estudantil Chicano de Aztlan), the militant student wing of the Aztlan movement. MEChA has a national constitution calling for the "liberation of our land" - the entire American Southwest, called Aztlan, which they claim was stolen from Mexico and must be reclaimed as "a nation within a nation". Aztlan must belong permanently to Chicanos (U.S. born of Mexican ancestry) and Mexican nationals. Some chapters declare, "the brutal gringo must be expelled."

He also chaired the "Third World Coalition" and United Mexican-American Students (UMAS), which evolved into MEChA with "El Plan de Aztlan". These ideologies show Villaraigosa's identity politics, but look further into some of his recent activities.

He was a prominent speaker at the January 1995 Latino Summit Response to Prop. 187 at U.C. Riverside, where Latino politicians, professors and activists gave racist, seditious speeches to about 500 attendees pledging noncompliance with Prop. 187. It was there that Art Torres, California Democratic Party Chairman, claimed "Proposition 187 is the last gasp of white America in California." Villaraigosa urged, "We've got to cultivate our young people, nurture them, train them, fortify them, we've got to win!" Win what?

Villaraigosa was the only California elected official to speak at the October 1996 Latino March on Washington, D.C., organized by Juan Jose Gutierrez, director of One Stop Immigration (illegal alien advocates). Sharing the stage with the Brown Berets, the uniformed soldiers (defense unit) of the Aztlan movement, he and others demanded rights for "undocumented people"; free medical care, free education through college, $7 minimum wage with rights to union membership, and another massive amnesty for those residing illegally in the United States.

Gutierrez had organized the October 1994 "Grande Marcha" against Prop. 187 with thousands waving Mexican flags. A video shows him arranging speakers while a Mariachi band played the U.S. national anthem. He then snapped to attention with hand over heart and fist in the air when they switched to the Mexican national anthem. Antonio Villaraigosa supports this man.

Villaraigosa was a keynote speaker at a January 1997 meeting of "On Campus" - Los Angeles teachers dedicated to protect illegal alien students. Their leader is Marshall High School teacher Steve Zimmer, who led a demonstration against an American Independence Day celebration at the Westwood Federal Building on July 4, 1996. There the

The 'Undocumented Immigrant' Fallacy


Each year the Border Patrol is making more than a million apprehensions of persons who flagrantly violate our nation's laws by unlawfully crossing U.S. borders to work and to receive public assistance, usually with the aid of fraudulent documents. Such entry is a misdemeanor, and if repeated becomes punishable as a felony.


communist progressive Labor Party and Latino activists physically attacked U.S. citizens.

As keynote speaker at Southwest Voter Registration Project's (SVRP) 1997 conference, Villaraigosa told hundreds of guests, "It is not enough to elect Latino leadership. Latino elected officials who don't support drivers' licenses for the undocumented and prenatal care for undocumented mothers don't belong in office."

Campaigning for recently elected Assemblyman Gil Cedillo, Villaraigosa advised voters in Spanish, "Congressional welfare reform was an attack on our people, to punish our immigrant companions, to punish our community!" Cedillo was another who ranted against Prop. 187 at the 1994 'Grande Marcha" and recognition of Caesar Chavez' birthday as a national holiday. Cedillo admitted to attendees at SVRP's 1997 conference, "Latinos have displaced other work communities - clothing, hotel, and restaurant industries that used to be done by blacks and anglos." He then stated, "Since Latinos are now central to union revitalization, through immigration and high birth rates unions can be partisan for full Latino empowerment."

In May 1999, Villaraigosa and Mexico's President Zedillo addressed the California legislature in Spanish, though both are perfectly fluent in English. Consider this a message that the culture and language will predominate in California. Then Villaraigosa initiated the "Chicano handclap", forcing that loud, rhythmic applause into the microphone. Falling into the handclapping cadence, the legislators had no idea (as calls t their offices revealed) that this applause is the standard of MEChA. It means "Chicano Power!". And, according to the August 4 Los Angeles Times, after meeting with Zedillo in Mexico Villaraigosa told a news conference, "As leader of the state Assembly, I say President Zedillo had great impact in defeating Prop. 187", and that Zedillo's visit to California "pushed the process that eventually invalidated most of the measure." Obviously Villaraigosa welcomes Mexican influence on California law.

State legislators and all California citizens should be keenly aware of the Assembly Speaker's ethnic agenda.

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