E-Mail to American Patrol from Boulder Resident
8/2/03 -- The attached "Importing Rapists" flyer [see below] is posted throughout Boulder, though no one knows where it came from and who is posting it. The Colorado Daily was full of stuff yesterday about how bad the poster is, and how it is not the "right" way to discuss the immigration issue. However, that story has NOT been posted on coloradodaily.com. However, I sure hope you post this flyer and see if you can bring in anything for the website (the editorial -- in addition to the feature article trashing the poster). Amazing, the CD printed the poster! It was fully legible! The university president is tearing it down on campus cuz it is not "sanctioned" by her! Anyway, please see the attached. It also includes a satire at the bottom of two local politicians who are working to get Drivers' licenses and in-state tuition for illegals, both of who have denounced the poster as racist. -- Also see: Fliers tie attacks to immigrants - Police chief calls message nonsense [Boulder Daily Camera, 8/5/03] AP Internal Use Only

Importing Rapists

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