So. Calif. 'Sweeps' - Demand More Action Immediately

Call Customs and Border Protection between 8 am and 5 pm Eastern time Monday through Friday. You can comment on the terrible performance of Asa Hutchinson and his minions and demand that Border patrol sweeps be not only re-started in California, but expanded nationwide on a massive scale:

Call Toll Free 877-287-8667 - Press zero to skip the long menu and get to an operator
...or call 202-354-1000 - Press zero to skip the long menu and get to an operator
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Posted by The John and Ken Show @ 2:52 pm -- June 25, 2004

If you want to thank the San Diego Border Patrol for taking care of business, you can e-mail them at SDC.PIO@DHS.GOV [or click here for mailing address, fax and phone numbers of the B.P. office]

Contact Asa Hutchinson, Undersecretary for Border & Transportation Security and tell him that you want the Border Patrol to do their job! Call at 202-282-8010 [alternate number as of 7/12/04: 202-282-8077], Fax 202-282-8408, or e-mail him at Also, contact Robert Bonner, Commissioner, U.S. Customs and Border Protection who sent out a memo for the Border Patrol to stop the sweeps at or

Contact your Congressman! Click here, and simply find your Congressman and let them know that if they don't support the Border Patrol Sweeps, then they WILL NOT get your vote in November!

June 29 Update: Also contact the following (Remember the time difference between D.C. and other U.S. time zones):

President George W. Bush - (202) 456-1414 - FAX -- (202) 456-2461
Comment Line -- (202) 456-1111 (call and talk to a real person)
Other White House contact info

and... Gloria Chavez -- Public Information Office
U.S. Customs and Border Protection -- Washington

Press Only -- 202-927-1422
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Additional Info Below....

American Patrol Feature -- July 9, 2004
"Swill-spewing Spokeshole"?
Asa Hutchinson's Embarrassing Performance

\Swill\, n.
1. The wash, or mixture of liquid substances, given to swine;
America is in Big Trouble
In an embarrassing performance, Undersecretary for Border and Transportation Security, Asa Hutchinson, refused to say anything of meaning in a nearly thirty-minute interview on the John and Ken Show yesterday. Despite a heroic effort by John Kobylt to get him to say the recent enforcement sweeps would be continued, Hutchinson dodged the question and continued to speak in generalities and bureaucratic mumbo-jumbo. Kobylt has called the White House press person a "swill-spewing spokeshole." That description may well apply to the performance Hutchinson gave yesterday.
    John asked him if the roundups would continue at some time in the future. He asked the question ten times and Hutchinson refused to answer the question. (started asking 17 minutes into the audio.)
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Propaganda Mill
American Patrol -- July 9, 2004
Kowtowing to invaders is the order of the day in Washington
Despite the recent dodging and waffling of Asa Hutchinson on the raid situation, Sean Moran, of the Border Patrol Union, appeared on a televised report being run on KNBC-TV News, L.A., beginning July 8 that indicated Washington has stopped any raids at the behest of 'a congressman' (probably Mecha-boy and reconquista zealot Joe Baca) and 'Latino advocates' who speak out on the behalf of criminals.

What Homeland Security?
What Homeland
Financial Times -- London -- July 9, 2004
"Swill-spewing spokeshole" Hutchinson has been alerted
Asa Hutchinson, under-secretary at the Homeland Security Department, surely has a lot on his mind. Now he has to contend with the fall-out from John and Ken, the hosts of Los Angeles' most popular drive-time talk show, who told listeners to give him a piece of their mind. [Note: Hutchinson spoke with John Kobylt on the John and Ken Show on July 8. He was a complete disaster.]AP Internal Use Only

Nyeh nyeh!
John and Ken Show -- KFI Radio -- Los Angeles -- July 7, 2004 - 6:15 pm
Border Patrol Invader Sweeps and the Whining White House
Trey Bohn is the Director of Radio, Office of Media Affairs, for the White House and he wants you to stop e-mailing Asa Hutchinson, Undersecretary for the Department of Homeland Security. Trey wants you to use a generic e-mail address, where your letters may or may not be seen. If you get a chance, why not give Trey a call and remind him who pays his salary. Call Trey at (202) 456-3851 [in addition to the others mentioned here]

Time For A Round-up
John and Ken Show -- KFI - Los Angeles -- July 6, 2004
Raids: White House asks talk show hosts to back off
Apparently citizens have been calling, e-mailing, and faxing Asa Hutchinson in support of efforts to round up and boot out illegals in such great numbers that 'he can't get any work done.' Trey Bohn, a White House spokesman, reportedly asked the L.A. talk show hosts to remove Hutchinson's e-mail address and phone numbers from their website... which they are not about to do. Your calls are working. Keep hammering these people until they start doing their jobs nationwide. [More contact info, fax numbers, etc.]

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