'Aztlaner' Nativo Lopez Threatens the City of Anaheim

Reconquista Threatens Anaheim - 2/13/01

Nativo 'Viva Aztlan' Lopez - 2/13/01

 Nativo 'Viva Aztlan' Lopez - 2/13/01
Read an account of this 2/13/01 Anaheim City Council meeting (Associated Press)
Other accounts: L.A. Times | Orange County Register
Send Us a News TipGlenn Spencer's Statement, Transcript of Remarks Before the Council
Send Us a News TipReconquista Nativo Lopez' lengthy diatribe

Send Us a News TipOther notable Lopez rants and threats at the meeting.........
  • They are Racists - We have power. This is
         their Achilles Tendon.
  • We will continue going without cooperation.
  • In March, April we will no longer cooperate with the Police.
          50% [of the population] . That puts them in danger.
  • It will not depend on us, but on them.
  • We are discriminated in all the services.
  • This is a challenge to organize. We are the ones
         who produce the most.
  • The police discriminate against us. Immigration discriminate
         against us.
  • Orange County is one of the richest counties.
         It has 2.3 million compared with México which
         has 100 million.

  • Audio Files
    Send Us a News TipGlenn Spencer Addresses the Anaheim City Council (553k) 2 min. 18 sec.
    Send Us a News TipNativo Lopez - Lying Aztlan Rant (145K, 36 sec.)
    (Lopez claims that the southwest used to be called
    'Aztlan', a blatant lie. 'Aztlan' is a myth.)
    Send Us a News TipLopez complains about cooperation with the INS (37k, 9 sec.)

    Send Us a News TipLopez demands end to cooperation with the INS (64k, 16 sec.)
                      More Recent Developments
    Saturday, February 17, 2001
    State Policy Sought for Police-INS Cooperation
    Four state legislators, concerned about police turning Latinos over to the Border Patrol, want a legal opinion.
    VCT: No 'legal opinion' is necessary due to California Penal Code 834b. It's the law.

    More on Nativo Lopez and Hermandad Mexicana Nacional

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