Glenn Spencer President, Voice of Citizens Together

Verbatim Transcript of Speech

Saturday, July 10, 1999

The Council of Conservative Citizens Conference
Fairfax, Virginia

Panel: "Immigration: Is the Debate Over?"

That [what previous speaker had done] gave me an idea for a commercial. What I am about to say is documented on a videotape called "Immigration: Threatening the Bonds of Our Union." And a transcript of that is available on our website, which is

John mentioned that Mario Obledo had said something about leaving California. I want to give you a taste of what's on our website, and reinforce what he said.

(From audio tape played by Spencer at the podium)

Caller: You made the statement, that California is going to become a Hispanic state, and if anyone doesn't like it, they should leave. Did you say that?

Obledo: I did.

Okay. That's Mario Obledo. Well talk a little bit about who he really is a little later.

  Mario Obledo on Ray Briem radio show.
Hear this call (VCT audio archives).

California has often been said is America's future. Let me tell you about your future.

Between 1979 and 1994 there were 7,288 gang killings in Los Angeles, according to The Journal of the American Medical Association. On May 1st of this year, 1999, Malcolm Klein, a professor of criminology at USC, was asked if the gang problem is getting better. He said, "No. It's getting worse. Much worse."

  Malcolm Klein
Hear this statement (VCT audio archives).

On July 1st of this year, David Tokofsky, a member of the Los Angeles Unified School District, and a liberal, got up at a swearing-in ceremony and said that the Los Angeles schools were now at the 20th percentile in the United States, that they were approaching 50% dropout, that children could not read, and that Americans were fleeing his district and the state of California, because of the school system.

Last week, in Iowa, Pat Buchanan pointed out that 90% of the domestic violence crime in Iowa was directly linked to methemphatimines coming in from Mexico. In Salt Lake City, 80% of the drug felony arrests are illegal aliens, mostly from Mexico. In Wyoming, the Director of Public Safety said their greatest problem was illegal immigration and gangs from Mexico.

This is your future.

In 1994 I was one of the lead defenders of Proposition 187 in California. I appeared up and down the radio dial and debated Prop 187 with the best they had to offer, including Senator Polanco of the State of California State Senate, and a couple of lawyers from the National Lawyers Guild, once described by Congress as the legal arm of the Communist party in the United States. This was Peter Schey and Linda Wong.

When they voted overwhelmingly to pass Proposition 187--and by the way, 20% of Latinos voted for it--the California voters knew exactly what they were doing. This was the most hotly debated issue in the state's history.

Four years later, Democrat Gray Davis was elected Governor of California. Many said this was a repudiation of Pete Wilson and Prop 187. Nothing could be further from the truth. Dan Lungren lost the election because he refused to talk about immigration. He refused to raise the issue. He had the issue, but he didn't have Pete Wilson,s courage.

Writing in the Sacramento Bee on September 23, 1998, respected political analyst Dan Walters asked why neither Dan Lungren nor Gray Davis would talk about the impact of immigration on this state, that was facing gridlock, that was facing environmental catastrophe, that was facing a destroyed school system--why wouldn,t they talk about it? It was a rhetorical question that was never answered.

Lungren was reluctant to talk about immigration and its impact on California, because in part he was responsible for it. On our video you will see him proudly proclaim that as a member of the House of Representatives - he was on the Immigration Subcommittee for eight years - and that he was the one who convinced other Republicans to grant amnesty to three million illegal aliens!

So the problems that California was facing were in large measure due to Dan Lungren--so he couldn't talk about it. Or he didn't want to.

But the Republicans otherwise have unilaterally disarmed.

I'd like to give you an example of how that happened.

I became embroiled in California's 24th Congressional District race to replace Democrat Tony Beilenson. And this happened when Brad Sherman, who was the Democrat running for office, was behind in the polls. Suddenly he attacked his opponent Rich Sybert as a racist, because he had appeared at Voice of Citizens Together meetings and spoke.

And on what did they make that claim? After research into six years of our newsletters, and our documents and our meetings and all this material, they found a document. They found it. Buried in our web page was a letter I wrote one time but was never published. And in it I said, "The problem we have with phony documents in California can be linked to a characteristic of the Mexican culture, a characteristic Mexicans who assimilate drop." That was racist. And Rich Sybert was a racist. And so Brad Sherman joined with the Anti-Defamation League and ran a huge campaign against him and against me. The L.A. Times came out, and I spoke with them at a meeting, and they asked me--they waved this letter at me. And I said, "Yes, I wrote it, but if you'll look at Andres Oppenheimer's book, Bordering on Chaos,--he's a Pulitzer Prize-winning author praised by the L.A. Times,--he says the same thing. And so does the President of Mexico."

But when the L.A. Times ran the story, they didn't repeat what I said, they didn't repeat my defense, they said nothing . They printed letters in the L.A. Times attacking me for this outrageous statement, but would not print my letters in defense. We had to buy xan ad in the L.A. Times in which we had letters supporting us from a Jewish doctor, a Latina lawyer, an Oriental businessman, and an Indian leader.

The Indian leader because--by the way if you saw recently they're going to drill for oil on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation. I'm proud to say I was the general manager of the seismic company that did the exploration up there. I'm also proud to say that I was the general manager of the second largest Indian-owned and Indian employer in the United States. And I have a proud record of working with the minorities in that regard, and the Indian leader who wrote this letter said, "I am shocked that they would suggest you are a racist. Don't they know who you are? Don't they know your history?" They didn't care.

But Rich Sybert lost by a small percentage. They played the race card, and they won.

In 1998, Dan Lungren had a war chest of 48 million dollars, versus 33 million for Gray Davis. He had lots of cards to play but he threw them in. He bet the 48 million dollars and threw in his cards.

Let's talk about what cards he was handed.

He could have told the voters that Art Torres, Chairman of the California Democratic Party, had said the following:

Torres (from tape):Remember, 187 is the last gasp of White America in California.

  Compilation of Torres' Outrageous Remarks
Hear this statement (VCT audio archives).

"Remember, Proposition 187 is the last gasp of White America in California." And he said it in public. And the media wouldn't repeat it.

He could have told voters that what he really meant was that Americans are losing the demographic war with Mexico. Beginning with California.

He could have also said, and we have this on tape, that Art Torres, Chairman of the California Democratic Party, said that "I tell my White friends they'd better hold on to affirmative action because they're going to need it." In other words, when the Mexicans take over, they're going to discriminate against you.

In 1998, Mario Obledo, co-founder of the Mexican-American Legal Defense Fund, MALDEF, backed by the Ford Foundation, stated publicly, as I just played, that "California is going to be a Hispanic state, and anyone doesn't like it should leave." Does that sound like ethnic cleansing?

Do you know what Bill Clinton did for Mario Obledo in 1998? He gave him the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Obledo was the man who threatened terrorism against a billboard John was talking about and they had to remove it.

He [Lungren] might have used that 48 million dollars to tell the California voters that Angel Pescador Osuna, the Mexican Consul General in Los Angeles, got in front of a law school and said that Mexico was conquering California. He called it "La Reconquista." The New York Times picked it up and printed it on a front-page story, April 14, 1998, during the campaign for governor. But yet Dan Lungren said nothing.

He could have exposed Antonio Villaraigosa, Speaker of the California Assembly, and Cruz Bustamante, Democrat candidate for lieutenant governor, for supporting the Mexican conquest of California. He could have. But he didn't.

But that wasn,t the half of it. He should have told them that immigration and illegal immigration had all but destroyed California schools, had led to statewide gridlock, destruction of farmland and serious environmental problems.

He could have explained that trade with Mexico was a sham. That NAFTA--all NAFTA had done was suck Mexicans up to our border, for eventual crossing. All it had done is create an environmental disaster on our border, with cities like Ciudad Juarez and Tijuana--are nothing but cesspools now spilling into the United States.

Eighty percent of our trade with Mexico goes to build maquiladoras plants. Eighty percent of their trade with us comes out of what economists call "entrepot-- just a place that stuff stays and then comes back." The idea that we have a big trade with Mexico is a joke. It isn't happening.

And by the way I read in the paper yesterday that Mexicans are stealing, hijacking, trucks shipping NAFTA goods, and stealing 10 billion dollars a year off those trucks. That was in yesterday's Washington Times.

Lungren lost the race in California because he was silent on the issues. And now we are facing the consequences. Legislation is moving through the state Legislature which will essentially create a sanctuary for Mexicans in California. And to pay for them once they get here.

We expect soon that Cinco de Mayo and the Mexican Independence Day will be state holidays.

Antonio Villaraigosa once told a gathering of Latinos, "Any Latino who is elected to state office and doesn,t support granting driver's licenses to illegal aliens shouldn't belong there." He said that two years ago. Hilda Solis introduced the legislation, just to do just that, and the State Assembly passed it. To grant driver's licenses, and that also means voting. Fortunately it's been tied up in the State Senate Committee.

Now listen to this. On May 1, 1999, Governor Gray Davis said, "In the near future people will look at California and Mexico as one magnificent region." That's the governor of California. It's a violation of the Constitution of the United States for any state to enter into a treaty or alliance with another country. And that's what he's doing. And that's what Cruz Bustamante is doing. And that's what Antonio Villaraigosa is doing.

The Republicans could have debated these real issues, but didn't. Bill Clinton attacked Yugoslavia and ethnic cleanser Milosovic but awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom to a Mexican ethnic cleanser. He used U.S. troops to confirm the Albanians, claim on Kosovo, but won't use U.S. troops to deny Mexico's claims on California.

In 1997, Mexican President Ernesto Zedillo said, "I have proudly affirmed that the Mexican nation extends beyond the territory enclosed by its borders."

Zedillo (from tape): I have proudly affirmed that the Mexican nation extends beyond the territory enclosed by its borders.

  Mexican President Ernesto Zedillo.
Hear this remark (VCT audio archives).

What do you think he meant by that?

In the current issue of Newsweek magazine, the publisher of Latina magazine says, "The United States of the 21st Century will be undeniably ours again. It is Manifest Destino." And she means it.

In his farewell speech to the corps of cadets at West Point, General Douglas MacArthur said, "But always in our ears ring the ominous words of Plato, that wisest of all philosophers, Only the dead have seen an end to war."

America was founded and built on the age of reason, the age of Newton. Our ascent has been the ascent of man, but there is no guarantee that this ascent will continue.

Robert Kaplan of Atlantic Monthly said that no great nation was ever founded by optimists. We must be realistic about the future.

We must be concerned about the Mexican people and all the people of the world, and we must do what we can to help, but not at the expense of our nation. For if she is lost, the silence in the sky suggests that our galaxy may not have the stuff to create another America.

So let the debate begin. And by all means let the American people decide their own fate. Thank you very much.

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