June 25, 2002

Police Aiding and Abetting Criminal Organization: Mexico

Police should refuse to obey unlawful order - They should arrest card bearers

David March, Survivors
DotMexico Refuses to Extradite Cop Killer
DotMexican ruling complicates extraditions
DotSan Diego Co. chooses lawlessness

Law could have prevented deputy's death
"The felon suspected of killing sheriff's Deputy David March wouldn't have been on the loose if a federal law that requires imprisonment for illegal immigrants with criminal records had been enforced."
What a waste in wasteland
"Dep. David March didn't have a choice. He was apparently tracking a stolen car that Sheriff Lee Baca says was driven by Armando Garcia, a man who more than once crossed the border from Mexico into California illegally." 
Real Audio Listen to interview with Terry March

Sham ID
Cop Killer Card? David March Card?
Can you think of a name for this outgrage?

DotCops are told to accept Mexican ID cards

This is against federal law that prohibits harboring of illegal aliens.
The police are told to violate the law to cooperate with an outlaw government. They are told to help hide terrorists. The police should refuse to follow an unlawful order. The police should arrest the holders of these cards.

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