July 29, 2002

Paper Takes Potshots at
American Border Patrol
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Glenn Spencer to the Sierra Vista Herald
The Sierra Vista Herald claims that American Border Patrol will be a "modern-day, high-tech, vigilante posse." I developed the plan for American Border Patrol. There is nothing in this plan that involves the use of a "vigilante posse." Before the plan was finished, it was reviewed by our board members, former Chief U.S. Border Patrol Agent, Bill King, and former Chief of the Tucson Sector, Ron Sanders. I can assure you that even the hint of a "vigilante posse" would have cause both King and Sanders to repudiate American Border Patrol without hesitation.
Sierra Vista Herald Editorial
Vigilante patrol not needed
The U.S.-Mexico border is a sieve, and the people of Southern Arizona are fed up with the situation. -- What is needed is an effective government policy that turns off the northward flow of thousands of illegal, would-be immigrants. -- What is not needed are private citizens taking it upon themselves to patrol the border. -- One California-led group's plans for a modern-day, high-tech vigilante posse are misguided and perilous. Any good the American Border Patrol could hope to do is eclipsed by the dangers it poses. -- Voice of Citizens Together founder Glenn Spencer is leading the drive to establish...

Sierra Vista Herald - July 28
Many "chomping at the bit" waiting for American Border Patrol
Plans of a Californian to introduce a private citizen's border patrol into Cochise County are not new. -- One area rancher who is already patrolling the border on his own says he welcomes the newcomers and thinks they are needed. -- Some think Roger Barnett is a vigilante, handing out justice without the benefit of law. -- Others see the man as a modern Minuteman, defending family, friends and property against intruders -- hundreds of would-be illegal immigrants and dozens of drug smugglers trying to use his ranch as an avenue north....[Above link will change or expire soon] [ABP Information]
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